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WHAT is the significance of the Sacred Sites of Southern Africa?

Mrs PlesMrs Ples

There was a lot more going on at the tip of South Africa than we have been told by our sparsely recorded history.  This discovery could reveal great insight into the beliefs, spirituality, mythology and culture of ancient African man. We now know that Africa is seen by most as the cradle of mankind as evidenced by the archeological discoveries in the Sterkfontein Caves, South Africa.

Nowhere else on earth has this phenomenon been recorded, in this form and appears to be unique to South Africa. However, once revealed, may lead to other such phenomenon being discovered elsewhere around the world, thus leading to a rediscovery of ancient knowledge.  One that gives us a deeper insight as to how ancient people first monumentalized their Spiritual Beliefs and communication with their Gods and Goddesses of Earth and Heaven. Confirmation and publication of this discovery has the potential to create huge interest from many walks of life owing to the mysterious element of using the Human Head as a main feature.

The Sunpath Sacred Sites research has all the ingredients of becoming one of the great mysteries of our planet. This is a mystery of enormous proportions with hundreds of observatories and profiles recorded.

Considering the huge numbers of tourists attracted to the various ancient shrines around the world such as Machu Picchu, Stonehenge, Avebury, and the Great Pyramids of Egypt etc. This discovery has the potential to boost the economy and promote popularity of Cape Town and South Africa as a tourist destination

Other benefits to be derived from announcing the existence of the Pathways of the Sun include: Promotion of conservation awareness. Recognition of the ancient African ways thus supporting the African Renaissance programme. A deeper insight into ancient African spirituality. Creating a sense of pride among African people. Generating an interest in archeo-astronomy in South Africa. This priceless asset to South Africa should be given National Heritage status and promoted on all levels

By sharing this knowledge we hope to foster an appreciation of our environment and prevent these sites being desecrated by unconscious human actions.

Lions Head sunset 1 16-06.07 CopyCONCLUSION: This re-discovery proves whoever these ancient African people were, had a great intelligence. This intelligence included a good understanding of the natural mathematics and cycles of nature that directly impacted on their lives. As to the rock profiles, their placement and facial expressions, could be representative of the peoples, their art, perhaps their chiefs or cosmological/mythological characters or deities, perhaps they also represent the many different peoples that passed the tip of Africa over the centuries.

Although subtle in presentation these human images do exist in the very locations and sites of ancient man, who saw the sun and moon as an extension of their unseen universal Creator-God. Perhaps these sacred geometries that are reflected in the northern hemisphere on the same latitude, hold the key to unlocking more of the ancient wisdom.

An archive of ancient knowledge is hidden in the mountains, rocks, surrounding caves and rock shelters used by the ancient indigenous peoples of South Africa. More than 100 observatories, each in perfect astronomical alignment, have been recorded over an 800 kilometers area. At present an enormous amount of scientific research into the study of light and sound, electro magnetic fields of the sun and the earth, their gravitational effects and frequencies is being carried out. Cosmic sound frequencies explored in outer space (the music of the Universe), the geomorphic resonance or frequency of the earth (the earth's heartbeat) termed the Schuman Resonance, is speeding up and is of particular interest. Perhaps the cryptic clues that lie hidden in the sacred geometries of these sites, hold some ancient wisdom that can help shed further insight on our future evolvement.

"The scale and magnitude of the profiles, observatories and Markerstones covering an area over 800 kilometres long is monumental in proportion and defies explanation.  Much work remains to be done to document all the known sites, many of which lie on privately owned land and are inaccessible to the public.  This Mapping of the Southern African Sacred Sites is the primary objective of the Sacred Sites Foundation of Southern Africa, along with developing a strong network of Community Custodianship projects around the country."

Sacred Sites Foundation logo Nov 201The newly established Sacred Sites Foundation of Southern Africa (a registered Not for Profit Organisation) will continue to research this phenomenon, and, with the support of the South African Conservation Authorities, act as custodian of these sites.

The research undertaken by Dean Liprini has been culminated in his published book ("Pathways of the Sun - Unveiling the mysteries of Table Mountain & beyond" and DVD; a documentary series is planned and we offer group or individual Day Tours to some selected sites around Table Mountain.  Should you wish to do a longer tour of more sites around Southern Africa, this can be arranged.  Please contact Dean Liprini directly, he can help to design a tour suitable for your group & your budget  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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